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Owner FAQs

Answers to your common questions

The Landlord Guide to Tenant Screening

Am I required to make my property available to Section 8?
No.  There is no requirement for you to make your property available to Section 8.  We provide our Landlords with the “pro's and con's” of the program and let them make their own decisions on this subject.

Are you licensed?
Yes.  RE*USA Northwest is licensed as a real estate brokerage doing property management.  Further, all property managers and showing agents are licensed, individually, with the WA State Department of Licensing.

Can I reach you after hours?
All our Owners are provided with the cell phone numbers of their property managers and the Company owner.  Landlords are encouraged to call either or both of them 24/7 in the case of emergencies and “within reason” for all other calls.

Can you put my rent proceeds directly into my account?
Yes.  That is our preferred method of getting funds to our Landlords.  Funds are transferred through ACH transfer and, in most cases, the funds are available within 24 hours.

Do I get to see the lease or sign it?

Our Landlords are supplied with a blank copy of the Lease Agreement upon engaging our services in order for them to become familiar with all the terms. As your agent, we sign the lease on your behalf and inform you of any changes that may have been made from the original lease.

Do you sell real estate too?
Yes, we do.  We have two separate divisions of RE*USA Northwest.  One is the Property Management division.  The other is the Real Estate Brokerage division.  We assist our Landlords in acquiring additional properties and disposing of properties at the appropriate time and we do that at a discount.

How and when do I get my checks?
Owner funds are remitted via ACH transfer on the 10th day of the month.  When the 10th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the ACH transfer may not be made until the following Monday.

How is rent collection handled?
Tenants make payments through a variety of means, including:  1) Direct through the Tenant Portal on the Company website; 2) Direct through military allotment; 3) Checks by mail; and 4) Checks and money orders delivered in-person.  Rent is due on the 1st day of the month and is “Late” after the fifth of the month.  Tenants who have not paid by the 5th of the month are served a “3-Day Notice to Pay or Vacate,” along with a 10% late fee and a posting fee.  If. For some reason, special arrangements have to be made for payment, the situation is discussed with the Landlord.

How long of a lease do you sign?
Our standard Lease Agreement is for a twelve (12) month period.  In many cases, we negotiate two- or three-year leases.  Sometimes, leases are extended for a period of less than twelve months.  Seldom do we lease for periods of less than a year.

How much security deposit do you charge the tenant?
The standard security deposit is set for $100 less than the monthly rent amount.  This helps emphasize that the security deposit cannot be used as the “last month's rent.”  Security Deposit Trust Funds are held in a trust account at Wells Fargo Bank.

How soon can you start managing my property?
We can begin managing your property today, particularly if it is already under professional management.  If the property is vacant and/or has not been a rental property, it may take a little longer to conduct a property evaluation, analyze the data, and determine the property's status in the marketplace.  The completion of necessary maintenance and repairs may cause a minor delay, as well.

What is the importance of membership in NARPM?
We operate our business in accordance with the strict Code of Ethics of NARPM and actively participate in local chapter activities. We are also active in the lobbying efforts on behalf of Landlords in Washington State – just one more way we level the playing field in a state where prevailing laws strongly favor Tenants.

What type of properties do you manage?
The majority or of our managed properties are single-family residences (SFR's).  However, we also manage a number of multiplexes, townhouses and condominiums.

What type of reports do I get and how often?
All Landlords receive a monthly statement accessible through their Owner Portal.  Copies are also mailed to all Owners each month.  The Company bookkeeper emails a link to this statement upon processing the ACH Owner payment.  Landlords also receive a year-end statement after the first of the following year and a copy of their 1099 IRS tax form.  Landlords may also request cash flow and other reports at any time during the current year.

Who holds the tenant security deposit?
RE*USA Northwest Property Management holds the tenant security and pet deposits, as well as the Owner reserves or “contingency” funds.  In the case of the Tenant Security Deposits, the Company bookkeeper reconciles the Security Trust Deposit account monthly and prepares a month-end report.  The reconciliations and reports are reviewed by the Company's Designated Broker and both the bookkeeper and the Broker sign copies of the reports, before they are filed and maintained on-file for three years.

Why should I hire RE*USA Northwest?
We truly care about our clients and their properties. We are professional, knowledgeable and responsive. We practice risk reduction through several means, not the least of which is our exclusive “12-Touch Inspection Program.” All of our property managers are licensed real estate professionals and members of the industry-leading trade association – NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers).


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